A Spirit in the Glens

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The beautiful Manx glens celebrated in poetry by someone who knew them intimately and loved them deeply.
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Auldyn Cuckoo

O harbinger of more expansive days,

Your double fluting falls upon my ears

With all the sudden magic of lost ...


What do you see in the glen of Ballure,

You who walk through it so casually

Your mind full of ...

Bel Abbey Glen

The dear worn face of Ellan Vannin holds

For me an ever-growing loveliness.

Tender in leas and stern in wilderness,...


For joy a smile,

For sorrow tears,

For friendship an unburdened heart

‘Tis not worthwhile

To count the years;

Time ...

Colby Glen

A glinting stream

Frets over the stones in the chine,

Murmurs its way through the pebbles,

Curling and swirling

And ...

Crogga Glen

There are, for those who seek retreat

From the hard-pressing demons of the city street,

From the insistent clamour of ...


A rift within twin cliffs precipitous

Splits the grim granite to the eastern sea

And a thin fringe of shelving ...

Elfin Glen

She who took such delight

In all God’s creatures, all His flowers,

Was with us then,

Her eyes filled with ...

Fern Glen

There is a glen whose lichened boles

Straight as cathedral columns stand;

A place wherein the humbler souls,

Barred from ...


Let me address the shade of Walter Scott !

Oh, great romantic heart, were you indeed

A visitor to this ...

Glen Helen

The gentle slopes of Manxland’s hills descend

Into no lovelier glen than this, I ween,

With plunging falls and fir-treed ...

Glen Lough

Glen Lough

Just in off the high road,

Through a sagging gate,

Serpentine the pathway

Winds where tall trees wait....

Glen Wyllin

The lovely glens of this green isle

Were one-time avenues of delight,

Where Nature at her work could smile

Before ...

In Glen Maye

The ribboned water falls with gentle sound

From mossy stone to darkly limpid pool,

Which boils and bubbles to the ...

In Glen Roy

If you should, in some frantic grief, revile

The hand of fate, and at the Godhead scream,

Not understanding the ...


The silver sea, the golden sand,

The smiling meadows green and fair;

The beaming sun, the azure sky,

The charmed ...

Rhenass Falls

When water falls,

Dropping headlong in abandonment,

Dashing on rocks in ecstasy,

Kissing and sliding on the impersonal walls,

It ...


Below the mountain’s flank

Uprearing to the sky,

Where spur and rock and shoulder rank

Round snaefell’s majesty,


Deep ...