Ballads of the Ballamooar

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Traditional Manx lore, legend, and country life. Poems full of energy, affection and ingenuity describe the Manx farming folk and their tales in the earlier part of the 20th century. Published in the Mona’s Herald throughout 1963.
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Fallen Tree

O mammoth trunk,

To earth you’ve sunk,

Your roots flung in the air;

Your leafy crown

In weeds brought down...

Milkmaid Liza

Liza sits upon the milking stool,

Her bent head pressed against the cow;

Between her fingers, deft and cool,

The ...


The nettles grow thickly where man has been,

Lapping the walls with an ocean of green;

Nodding and rustling in ...


There is rain on the window and rain on the door;

The garden is swimming in yellows and greens.

Whoever ...


Amid the city’s bustle, haste and noise

In lecture room alone I sit, with hands

Upon my brow, and turn ...


Oh, the sun, the glorious sun,

When o’er dusky shade hath won,

Colouring where the flowers run,

Ripening the berry;...

The Ballamooar

The Ballamooar is a farm of mountain, field and stone,

And there was dwelling happily our widowed aunt, alone;

Alone ...

The Old Gossip

Painfully feeble to all intent,

Wondrously wrinkled and old and bent,

Wearing a sun-bonnet day in, day out

Our Ellen ...