Island Creeks

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A series of sonnets about the bays and beaches of the Isle of Man, encompassing themes of life, the beauty of the natural world, Manx culture, memory, the passing of time, death, and Christian faith. They appeared in the Isle of Man Weekly Times in 1962.

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Douglas Harbour

The black water chuckles in the night

Furtively caressing concrete piers,

Winking with yellow eyes at each lone light,

Smacking ...


Old Snaefell lifts his mighty brow and looks

With calm demeanour o’er his realm of brooks,

Circled with his attendant ...

Peel Harbour

Red as a garnet in the setting sun

The old cathedral ringed by castle walls

Guards like a sentinel, when ...

Port Erin

Stern Bradda with its crowning tower

Stands sentinel

Towards the north,

And guards this westward looking shore;

And none may ...

Port St. Mary

From upland bourne I gaze

Down on the patchwork fields and scattered farms

To where, muffled in summer haze,

The ...