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In addition to his published booklet entitled ‘Lyrics by Lamplight’, WT also published a separate collection of poems, also called “Lyrics by Lamplight”, that appeared regularly in The Weekly Times, a Manx newspaper, during 1961.This category contains these poems.

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I do not know a sweeter sound

Than rain upon the thirsty ground;

A lovelier sight I’ll never see

Than ...


The smoke curled lazily

To sky that seemed asleep,

In still air hazily

The far hills melted deep,

Blurred with ...


Cold ashen light in the valley,

Rose-pink above it and grey,

Pale with the advent of twilight,

Sad with the ...

Glen Spell

Over the hushed glen

A quiet spirit broods;

Far from haunts of men

Is its solitudes.

Gaunt trees stand on ...


A medal pinned upon the breast

Is heroism self-confessed

For all the world to see;

No thoughts of meekness animate...


Tendrils that cunningly twist on the tree,

Threading in sinuous curls in the leaves;

Clasping in breathless abandon to be...

Old Mill-Wheel

Glenfaba Water Mill282Old water mill, thy lumbering wheel

Still turns in heavy majesty;

Its measured movement may reveal

The sure approach of ...


(From the French of Victor Hugo)

All alone beside the waves

I stood one starry night,

A cloudless sky was ...


It is most good to feel

Flung salt-spray on the face,

For life becomes more real

When the pulse is ...

The Whole Self

My saucy youth derides my sober age,

Mocking, haunting, refusing to be stilled:

That which was me, and wholly me, ...