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All (or nearly all!) Manx villages described and used as inspiration for thoughts about life, death, the nature of human existence, faith, and much more!
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Lower Ballagreiney AerystainThe lonely lime-washed farmsteads are a string

Of pearls that lie encircling the green throat

Of one of Mona’s lesser ...


There comes into my mind, recalling folk

With whom we spent ten happy summer days,

Oblivious to each measured pruning ...


The last low hillock of the land is here;

The last lone rampart of the pasturage;

The farthest flung of ...


A twisting road beneath an arch of trees

Leads northwards out of Ramsey to the Dhoor.

The seeker after peace.  ...


The Eairy Dam lies chill, its surface flecked

Into ripples by the breeze.  Reeds sway

Ever so slightly where they ...


Oh, they who live in Fistard now have not

The urgent need as once upon a time

To seek protection ...


Who wants to stem the flow of man’s ideas

With all their consequences, new and strange,

Must take their leave ...


They cling like limpets to the rocky steep

These cottages that flank the winding road

Climbing the Mull; or like ...


Injebreck Glen

A secret lies within this heart ; the hills

Conceal the knowledge with self-conscious air,

As an old man remembers ...


The cliffs of Jurby stand out in the sun,

Clear and erect up-rising from the shore

Like walls of a ...


Was it the name ?  We always laughed to hear

It mentioned, and we voiced the hoary joke

Times without ...


Here to the holy well on pilgrimage

Came on an August Sunday the devout,

The youthful and decrepit, those about...


The highroad breasts the hill and climbing higher,

Runs on a level course where houses stand

In a grey terrace ...


Oakhill Manor-Life is not three dimensional, nor four,

But five.  We do not just exist in space

And time, but have ...


Here, where the road below Slieuwhallian’s flank

Runs out to join the highway heading south

From Peel, we find a ...


“What can you say of Regaby?”  He smiled,

The old man who, with sickle swift and keen.

Shaved the high ...


SandygateAlmost a score of years in hasty flight

Have winged their way into the treasured past,

Leaving but little in ...


Oft-times I feel ashamed, looking with clear

Sad eyes upon my life, so lightly spent,

So full of trivial nonsense, ...