Poems in Category: Shingle

Poems inspired by the Manx countryside and people in a variety of styles, on a range of themes encompassing joy in the gift of life, the beauty of the natural world, Manx culture, memory, the passing of time, death, and Christian faith.
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A Brown Song

The brown leaves fall in umber woods,

The trees shake off their gowns;

And all the hues of summer’s moods...

A Summer Vision

Where Santon’s stream winds through its gorge

And little waterfalls

Make music in the humid air

A subtle presence everywhere...


Moored to the wall my little boat

Sits on the harbour bed

Inert, forlorn;

Like some outworn

And shabby garment ...

Air Hostess

Trim on the tarmac, shapelier than the plane,

Sleek, streamlined for the job, with tapping heels

She walks, hat cocked, ...

Away beyond

Away beyond the seething foam

Where curlews call with plaintive cries

I seem to hear the whisper, “Come”

And see ...


Beyond the sun is an immeasurable void;

Beyond the laughter is a gulf of tears.

The bright facade of living ...

Chances Missed

Oh, where were you going in such great haste?

Seeing nothing around you, your eyes straight ahead?

Was it something ...


The rock is smooth.  It faintly shines,

Containing in itself some residue of light

That down the ages suns

Succeeding ...


Let pagan mistletoe hang in the hall,

And holly with its prickles and its bright

Vermilion berries grace the festive ...

Horses at Dusk

How huge are horses in the dusk.  They loom

Tremendous where they stand against the sky,

Etched like great statues, ...

Mary Ann

Mary Ann, Mary Ann,

From the little Isle of Mann,

She’s the sweetest of her clan,

She’s a darling!

She’s ...


The ravages of winter seam her face

Where tears like mountain becks once coursed her cheek,

But still there lingers ...

Mother Island

Oh, Ellan Vannin calls to me

Across the intervening sea

With a seductive voice.

Where’er my labour turns my feet,...

No More

No more by the light of the harvest moon

Do they glean in the stubble fields;

No more in the ...

Oil Well

Deep buried out of sight of men

Under the crust of ages lies

What can bring power and light to ...

Piano Rain

The piano notes fall through the air

Soft drops of rain that kiss

My soul and bathe my body

Wash ...

Sad Eyes

Sad eyes of little furry creatures

Haunt the mind with an unease;

Life has many sombre features,

Few as harrowing ...

Sea Spell

From the high brow of Snaefell one can see

The island like a ship from stem to stern.

There thrusts ...


When stars are bright and lights are low

I hear at night the undertow.

The distant scream of pebbles round...


SilverdaleO glade of lapping water, rustling trees,

Of rich green grass, of ferns and gay bluebells

Pale primroses bejewelling tiny ...


Below the mountain’s flank

Uprearing to the sky,

Where spur and rock and shoulder rank

Round snaefell’s majesty,


Deep ...