Sonnets in a New Style

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W T Quirk was a master of the sonnet form. In these sonnets inspired by his life and experiences on the Isle of Man he pushes the form to see what it can do.
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April Fool

On with the motley, cap and bells, for March

That bold and boist’rous fellow now has gone

And taken with ...


Their burnished scales flash golden through the glass

As leisurely they glide in water clear,

Gazing in mild surprise, their ...


Swart as the eyes of gypsies, indigo

Clusters of droplets on the trailing vines,

The wild fruit of the bramble ...


Between two ranks of craning necks they come,

The cavalcade of grim determined cheer

In all its panoply of colours ...

Child in Hospital

The yellow sunlight mocks her tangled hair,

Threading with callous gold disordered curls,

And with derisive finger strokes her cheek....


Like some great submarine it marks the bay,

This hulk of rock awash when tide is high,

Lurking below the ...


King of the flowers, in royal robes attired,

Tall in border raise your noble height,

Bringing the blue of summer ...


The fishermen when evening falls put out

In their small craft to grace the open sea

And leave the safety ...

Good Friday

They then inscribed the legend “King of Jews”

Where He was hanging from a wooden cross,

Crucified on a hill ...


They touch, they grasp, they clench, they open wide;

They clap, they wave, they spread in gesture mute;

They clasp ...

Lux Domi

The mountain is a yawning gulf, a well

Of blackest night that opens on the sky

To swallow all the ...

Mount Strange

They shot Brown Willy here !  Now, why did they?

Could bullet singing home and tearing flesh

Atone for what ...

On the Green

They stand in solemn little groups, the men

With large white hats upon their heads, and nurse

Their wooden piccaninnies ...

Plane at Night

Over my head, where boundless ages are,

A low-pitched droning threads the darkened sky,

Moving across the firmament from pole ...


King Edward BridgeWhither, O drifting nations, tempest-tost?

Whither thy barques so frail, so uncontrolled?

Is it to reef and shipwreck?  Will mankind...


Red is the glory of the rising sun

That lifts its face upon the frosty morn,

And red the setting ...

Rock Pool

Held in the wrinkle of a giant’s skin

Motionless, blue, a port-hole on the sky

Reflecting the high light, a ...

Royal Birth

The bells ring out, the banners are unfurled,

Saluting  guns their acclamations fire;

Throughout the land a wave of feeling ...

The Chasms

Sugar LoafThey split the rocks, these giant cracks, as though

Atlas or Vulcan had with irate hand

When earth was young ...

The Water Mill

MilntownLow rumbling and high splashing noises fill

This ancient building with its knotted floor

And ceiling beams that brush a ...

To a Skylark!

Oh, peerless climber into heaven’s blue,

I hark enthralled to your bubbling song,

And watch your fluttering wings as you ...


Waters MeetA perfect marriage when two rivers meet

Is consummated; each to each a force

Contributes, each to each a nature ...

Wood Smoke

To-night I smelt the smoke of a woodland fire.

Sudden and bitter-sweet to me it came,

Acrid and pungent, pricking ...