Vol 4: Putting Out to Sea & other poems

Poems in Category: Putting Out to Sea (& Other Poems)

An unpublished collection written in 1927 – 1928.
W T Quirk’s dedication: “Dedicated to – Arthur William Kinrade.”

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Let me lean over
Soothingly, tenderly,
Thou wast my lover,
Fashioned so slenderly;
Angel wings hover,
Home is the rover....


YE sons that are going to fight for your country,
Stout be your hearts as ye march on your way;...

Full Tide

THE wearying shore
Fought inch by inch,
Back to the cliff
Against the advancing sea.
And more and more,
Yet ...

Good Friday

Yet still one more Good Friday dawns! ‘Tis fair,
That is the striking fact, ‘tis bright and clear;
No fairer ...


(Apologies to R.W. Emerson)

Being the Twenty First of the Black Hole Ballads

IF the Grammarian thinks he speaks
The ...


MUD, thick and black, heaves all around and hems
One little solid spot; and germs infest
Its slimy depths, with ...

Padjer (Prayer)

I set by meself in the outhouse
A-chewin’ a long birra straw;
An’ the averin’s drawin’ in mighty,
So wharram ...


I said, “Let’s all do something dramatic!”
Another, “A play like we did in the attic.”
Then Tom, “Yes, quite ...

Reck We His Cat

(With apologies to Matthew Arnold)

Being the Twentieth of the Black Hole Ballads

STREW on it rubbish, rubbish,
But never ...

Term End

LO, we are now to see the welcome end
Of yet another lengthy road of toil
That seemed to curl ...

The Bell

ABOVE the murmur of the night there come
The lonely tones of a sad distant bell,
One, two, and three, ...

The Mochyn Dhoo

Being the Twenty-Fifth of the Black Hole Ballads

O Harry, do not shout that ranting song,
Don’t shout that ranting ...

To –

TOO little didst thou speak at any time;
In dim obscurity thy gentle glow
Thou let’st to burn; no we, ...

To Georgina

Being the Eighteenth of the Black Hole Ballads.

Small stream that swirls ‘neath rustic span,
Apt emblem of a roguish ...

To Pippa

(From the French of Alfred de Musset)

PIPPA, when the shadows come
And your mother says goodnight;
When you kneel ...

Who Nose?

WELL was it said by those we thought sedate
In all our youthful ardour when we came
Out from the ...