Vol 5: Sea Spell (and Other Poems)

Sea Spell (& Other Poems)

An unpublished collection written in 1928 – 1930.
W T Quirk’s dedication: “Dedicated to – the girls I left behind me!.”

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I’m out me knees thinnin turmits,
An the soil’s turble coul on the hans,
An I’m thinkin about them swell ...


There is a carnival in Peel to-night,
And joyous laughter rings through starry dark.
Confetti falls in showers, a rainbow ...

Eairy Dam

The Eairy Dam lies chill, its surface flecked
Into sharp ripples by the breeze. Reeds sway
Ever so slightly where ...

First Snow

The snow lies thick on twig and branch,
A feathery foliage, white and rare.
Beneath this gradual avalanche
The features ...

Gorse Buds

The day was hot, the balls were white;
We slammed them round with main and might;
Cared not a whit ...


How still and peaceful is the Sabbath eve!
A spiral of blue smoke is wandering
Into the air, and that ...


The world is asleep!
A mantle covers up its face, its changeful voice is still;
The earth is cold and ...

Lost Friend

(From the French of Georges Jamin)

I am distraught under a grievous blow.
Each moment teems with mem’ries of the ...

Mill-Wheel Hunt

ALONG the dusty highroad rolled two panting youths and hot;
The sweat streamed from each shining face, there iciness was ...


Proud morning came to wake us, cold and stark;
Her naked face was raw, her hand was chill;
She made ...

Sea Call

Roar on and in thy roaring send to me
A breath of other days, O distant sea!
Throw up thy ...

Sea Spell

From the high brow of Snaefell one can see
The island like a ship from stem to stern.
There thrusts ...

Sea Vision

(From the French of John Antoine Nau).

The flat cold oceans a green mirror heave
Beneath the rocks that bord ...

Shadow Falls

I have at last been to the Falls,
The Swallow Falls at Bettys-y-Coed.
We sailed upon the Mona’s Queen,
The ...



I love the scent of loamy soil, the smell
Of the cool earth when turned beneath the ...


If stars were gold dust sprinkled on a bed
Of purple velvet, and the moon a disc
Of pure white ...

We Two

Upon the warm brown rocks where we
sat watching silver spary,
Where sea-gulls wheeled and breezes blew
a golden sun-beam ...