Tehi! Tegi!


“Oh stay, my man, what do you see?”

“Leave go, old woman, let me be.

She is so fair I cannot stay

But follow where she doth beckon away,

Be it to joy or misery !”


“Oh stay, my man, that one’s a sprite;

Come, heed her not on her palfrey white”

“Leave go, old woman, I see her smile;

She is the fairest in all the Isle;

Follow I must through day and night !”


“Oh stay, my man.  The waters race

And you will drown for her false face

As many have perished time ago.”

“Leave go, old woman, for you must know

I’ll bide with her despite disgrace !”


“Then I’ll go with you, foolish my man,

So all will see us, for that’s my plan.

And those who know, and those who see

Will laugh and shout, “Tehi ! Tegi !”

For take you from me no other can !”


Mona’s Herald     10.3.64