To a Skylark!


Oh, peerless climber into heaven’s blue,

I hark enthralled to your bubbling song,

And watch your fluttering wings as you ascend

Swift from the grass where you were hid from view.

You rose in curving flight on pinions strong

Above my head in rapture to suspend.

With what sheer magic you did then imbue

The waiting world and all its busy throng !

Enchantment to the morning you did lend !

Enchantment ?…..Ay, ‘tis needed here, for through

This quiet but sullen countryside there pour

Trucks, tanks and guns along tree-bordered lanes;

With you the sky is shared by aeroplanes,

Your song accompanied by the cannon’s roar !


Weekly Times     6.5.60

(Aldekerk, March 1945)