Unpublished Poems


This category includes 5 volumes of poems never previously published:

Vol 1   Pebbles on the Beach  1918-1926  “Dedicated to my father who first taught me delight in words.”

Vol 2   The Boat in the Farmyard and other poetry 1925-1926  “Dedicated to my mother, who first taught me the value of friendship.”

Vol 3   Driftwood and Seawrack 1926-27 “Dedicated to my aunt, who first taught me the delight of music.”

Vol 4   Putting out to sea and other poems 1927-8  “Dedicated to Arthur Kinrade.”

Vol 5   Seaspell and other poems 1928-30  “Dedicated to the girls I left behind me!”

List of titles of all poems in the category sorted by volume number and then alphabetically by poem title: