A Ballad of Christmas


Now good old Yule-tide once more comes
With blare of cornets, roll of drums,
And folks like us are full of mirth
On this the merriest night on earth.
Ha, ha, ha, let’s laugh and sing
And see what Santa Claus will bring.
For merry, merry men are we;
Let’s laugh and sing and jocund be,
For none are merrier than we.

Now when some thousand years ago
A bright star in the East shone so,
Its beams fell on a stable bare;
The Heav’n-sent Babe was lying there.
Lowly in a manger laid,
With no pillow for His head;
Yet though so lowly He did lie
Was not He sent down from high?
For none are higher placed than He!

The Wise Men brought Him gifts of gold,
Myrrh, frankincense, and wealth untold;
Gems and pearls, things to allure;
We can bring nothing, we are poor!
But each can sing and raise his voice,
And in the holy night rejoice,
For musical folks are we.
Let’s hearty sing and maybe He
Will hear us in Eternity!

In honour therefore of His birth
This Christmas Eve we’re full of mirth,
Within the sky a full round moon –
‘Twill not find us in bed too soon,
But out in the clear night
Singing carols in moonlight;
For merry merry hearts have we.
Let’s laugh and sing and merry be,
For none are merrier than we!

December 1923