Collegia – Ode 72: Prinny’s Pursuit


Jockie smacked the trembling rump
And said “You must not grin!”
Administered another clump
Upon the shaking Prin,
Who cried, “Desist! I will surrender;
“My nether parts are getting tender.”

Another clump, another howl,
Jock set Prin on his feet.
The latter with a wizened scowl
Went hobbling up the street
With Jockie after hard pursuing,
And people said, “What are they doing?”

Prinny hobbled, Jockie rolled;
St. Jimmy’s Park and Mall
Flashed by; and Prinny, growing bold,
Cried back, “You great Scotch yawl,
You can’t outwit my footsteps nimble;
You couldn’t catch a rolling thimble!”

The chase went on like that until
The Prinny caught a bus,
Which snookered Jock, whose form would fill
A narrow lane; and thus
Prin escaped the wrath of little Jockie
By being as thin as he is stocky.

21. 5. 29