Christmas Carol for Christmas Crime


The crowded pub was full that night

There was no room for pregnant wife.

‘Twas just as well for, out of sight

A bomb was placed to set alight

The lust to take a life.


The Wise Men came, lit by a star

That shone upon a battlefield.

Bringing their gifts, the iron bar,

Incense of ‘pot’, the myrrh of war,

These to their king to yield.


The nursing mother held the child

And seeing him so wan and frail

Bethought her of the world defiled

So smothered him in mercy mild,

No harm could him assail.


And angels weeping in the sky

Sang not of peace throughout the earth.

No gospel joy was theirs to cry;

Their voices drowned by savagery

Were hushed for Jesu’s birth.


And when he hung upon the cross

They sank their drills for sea-bed oil;

A million starved folk were no loss,

Raped women, gambling dens, and dross

Fell to the wreckers’ spoil.


At Christmas time He comes again

Unheralded by angels’ song.

The stores are bright through window pane

And toys and goodies fall like rain,

Where modern pagans throng.