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Birthday Ode

All hail this gladsome day !

Whereon was born a little girl

With smiling eyes and clustering curl,

As precious ...


All morning while the fingers of the clock

Their leisured way,

Their awful, tantalizing, terrifying way,

Have moved, as if ...

Glen Lough

Glen Lough

Just in off the high road,

Through a sagging gate,

Serpentine the pathway

Winds where tall trees wait....

Goodbye to the Ward

Little pale face crowned by auburn hair,

Gazing and gazing with sorrowful air;

Lying so wistful, pathetic, there —

Goodbye,goodbye ...

Lifted from Bed

Sleepy and rosy, Heather is here,

Fresh from her cot; she’s so precious and dear!

Little eyes blinking, nodding her ...

To You

Poem to Trudy

(From sick bay in Ghent)

And was it Easter when we first resolved

To walk no longer ...