Ancient Remedies


(From “Fenella and the Moonflower”)

We’ve charms to cure all sickness,

And our doctors know their stuff.

Our treatments act with quickness,

When applied with herbal snuff.

And if you are feeling seedy

We’ll prognose a course for you.

To help the sick and needy

Here’s what we always do:


We gather herbs and stew ‘em,

We boil and boil and boil;

We gather leaves and brew ‘em

In pots of bubbling oil.

We gather moonshine ghostly,

Cold water from deep wells;

But all our remedies mostly

Are secret charms and spells.


We work to fight bacteria

In every twisting shape;

We swiftly soothe hysteria

And let hot airs escape.

So make no rash appointments

In order to get well –

Throw out all your pills and ointments,

Rely on charm and spell.


Weekly Times     15.2.63