Ballalonna Bridge


(From  “The Maid of Ballalonna”)

Where “Themselves” are meeting nightly

Is the hollow past the bridge.

Few can see their antics sprightly

Under Ballalonna Bridge.


Mortals passing on the road

Take great care to salute their abode

Lest misfortune come upon them

In the twinkling of an eye;

Lest an unexpected mishap

Make them rue their passing by.


There are some who laugh and say

That all  “Themselves”  have gone away;

There are others who are doubtful,

Some who scoff and wink the eye.

But they don’t escape the danger,

Though they cannot tell you why.


Royalty itself must pause

And observe the binding laws.

Though ‘tis said when last they passed there

Almost were their words too late.

Truly, the harsh retribution

Is too stark to contemplate !


Weekly Times     21.6.63