Fairies’ Chorus


(From “Fenella and the Moonflower”)

We are fairies, little fairies,

We don’t know what woe or care is

In our secret glen.

We are merry, bright and merry,

Noses red as any cherry,

We are Little Men !

In the moonlight, lovely moonlight,

We are dancing till the day;

Skipping, prancing, slipping, dancing,

Till the dawn is breaking grey.

Mortals waking,

Noises making,

Send us far away

Into hiding, secret hiding

Where no humans are residing

Far from mortal ken.


We are seven, we are seven,

And we work as hard as leaven

In a lump of dough.

We are pixies, only sixes,

Getting into awful fixes

Knowing not where to go.

Here in Mannin, Ellan Vannin,

We are called Phynoderees.

Brownies, naiads, elves and dryads,

We have got a score of these.

Tarroo Ushtey

Likes to rush to

Join the company !

Merry-making, sleeping, waking,

Laughter keeps our sides a-shaking,

Ho,ho,ho,ho,ho !


Weekly Times     25.1.63