(From “The Shepherdess and the Sweep”)

Ah, freedom is a noble thing,

A noble thing forsooth !

But many a slave of wedding ring

Was once a careless youth.

The maid, a timid little thing,

And shy as modest Ruth,

Becomes a nagger with a sting

Upon her tongue, in truth !


All things are free to him who takes,

If he is not found out;

And every man his bondage makes,

Of that there is no doubt.

He cages life

By wanting wife,

And spends his days repenting;

His blushing bride

Soon has him tied,

And there is no relenting.

Free is the water we all should drink,

And free is each thought and plan;

And free the ideas of people who think,

But not of the married man !


Ah, freedom is a noble thing,

A noble thing agreed;

And modern children want their fling

From fashions old they’re freed.

But fashions change, waist-lines are back;

And they who are most bold,

Are finding out, alas, alack,

The new is really old !


Weekly Times     1.3.63