Home of my Birth


(From “The Shepherdess and the Sweep”)

Home of my birth I cleave to thee,

Wherever I roam over land and sea.

My thoughts ever dwell

In the place they know well,

And never will wander away from the fold.


I long to abide in childhood’s retreat,

However persuaded new faces to greet,

My heart in my breast

Could ne’er be at rest

Though housed in the realms of gold.


Some folk have yearnings to travel and stray,

To see the wonders of lands far away;

The’re never content but restless at home,

And over the earth they are anxious to roam.


Friends of my youth, I cling to thee,

Wherever I roam over land and sea;

My heart will repose

‘Mongst companions it knows,

Whatever alluring temptations beguile !


I long to be left where trees are green,

And pasture and sheep are the only things seen.

My heart in my breast

Can never find rest

Away from my native isle !