Knave’s Ditty


(From “The Lord of Manninland”)

In pack of cards you see

A mixed and varied company;

Kings and queens and aces mix

With humble five or six.


Knave and joker

All invoke a

Great respect for equity !


Sigh not for high estate

If you’d be really great;

Be master of your fate

And see a job right through.


You need not wear a crown

If you would win renown;

Just hide that scowl or frown

And smile in all you do.


Don’t let blue melancholy bind you;

Keep all your shadows well behind you;

Life is but a game of give and take,

So play the cards that fate has dealt you !


And if you think you’ll lose,

Don’t shiver in your shoes;

Stick to the course you choose,

Success will come to you !


Weekly Times     11.1.63