The Miners of Foxdale


(From “Miners to the Rescue”)

The miners of  Foxdale they dig out their metal

Wresting the ore from its fastness of clay;

Down in the caverns where rocks sink and settle,

Down in the dark, far removed from the day.



Up with the skip, up with the skip,

There’s lead and there’s silver our families to keep !


The miners of Foxdale they lived in their village

Peaceful and smiling amid the green fields;

But labour for them was an underground tillage,

Harvesting crops that the buried rock yields.


The miners of Foxdale they worshipped on Sunday,

Hours in church or in chapel were spent;

Their voices they raised, getting ready for Monday,

Seeking the blessing of Saviour and Saint.


The miners of Foxdale live on in our story,

Heroes of candle, of pick, and of shaft;

Their labours are over and faded their glory,

Silent their engines, neglected their craft.



Up with the skip, up with the skip,

The lead and the silver are left lying deep !


Weekly Times     31.5.63