National Anthem of Manninland


(From “The Lord of ManninLand”)

Hail to our Sovereign Liege,

Lord of Manninland !

To him our hearts we pledge,

His but to command.

May he in wisdom long

Rule this land so fair;

We his subjects sing this song

And bid goodbye to care !


Manninland ! Manninland !

Loyal to a Man we stand.

We are soldiers stout and true;

We are housewives, not a few;

Everyone is our good friend.

Manninland ! Manninland !

There is always close at hand

Something that will soothe and please,

Give you joy and give you ease,

And delight that has no end !


Heaven sent our Noble Lord

Many years to reign !

May his clean shining sword

Earn no shameful stain.

Now as we bow the knee

This will be our prayer:

“Keep us one great family

In Manninland the Fair.”


Weekly Times     4.1.6