The Pirates of Pooilvaash


(From  “The Pirates of Pooilvaash”)

The Pirates of Pooilvaash are a fierce and doughty lot !

What others never learn they have learned and now forgot.

The treasure they are seeking is a secret hoard, cod wot,

And they nightly play the fool on the rocks at Balladoole.


The Pirates of Pooilvaash have a reputation known ;

They scourge the briny puddles and they leave unturned no stone.

You must never wander late, you must never go alone

To paddle in a pool on the rocks at Balladoole.


Their exploits are recorded in no bound and printed book :

You will never find their hide-out no matter where you look.

But if you are not wary you’ll be caught upon their hook ;

For they dig it smooth and cool on the rocks at Balladoole.


When the mantle of Mannanan creeps upon the shore,

Their voices are heard chanting as they count their stolen store,

And if you hear their secrets you will live to hear no more ;

They obey no golden rule on the rocks at Balladoole.


So beware the Scarlet pastures and eschew the stroll by Stack,

If when you take your promenade you hope that you’ll be back ;

For no-one has returned to tell the tale, alack !

From the buccaneering school on the rocks at Balladoole !


Weekly Times     23.8.63