Song of the Buggane


(From “Fenella and the Moonflower”)

In a cave near Greeba summit

There I live, unseen, alone.

Dropping like a bolt or plummet

On invaders of my throne,

On invaders of my throne !


Once they built a tiny chapel,

In a meadow rose its form;

With that challenge did I grapple,

Flung three roofs to wind and storm,

Flung three roofs to wind and storm !


Now a crumbling ivied relic

Stands it to this very hour;

Unhallowed by a choir angelic,

A memorial to my power,

A memorial to my power !


Let the breezes whisper round it,

Let the grasses wave and veer;

Unsuccessfully man crowned it,

Frightened off by pagan fear,

Frightened off by pagan fear !


Weekly Times     1.2.63