Song of Leonore


(From “The Prince of Ganderwing”)

I drift along the shore;

Oh hear the song of Leonore !

I wander alone

And look for a stone,

A beautiful stone to lead me to one

I wish to meet on the shore,

The one I greet and adore.

I’m waiting for you;

Oh, will he be true

To Leonore ?


The ripples lap on the shingle,

White horses are tossing their manes;

The spray and the dewdrops mingle

To fall in golden rains.

I would I have a lover,

A love to grace and bless;

For then I would discover

The key to happiness.


I drift along on the shore,

And sing the song of Leonore.

Oh, where can you be

My gallant so free?

Oh, where can you be so distant from me?

I look again, just once more,

The last refrain of Leonore.

I’m sighing for you:

Oh, please be true

To Leonore !


Weekly Times     20.9.63