A Song of Sevens


(From “Fenella and the Moonflower”)

Seven colours in the rainbow, that’s the general rule;

And seven wonders in the world we used to learn at school.

And in the fairy story there were seven dwarfs, you know;

And seven notes are on the scale, not counting twice the doh !

Now Rome was built on seven hills, seven montains on the Rhine;

And every boy and girl knows seven times seven makes forty-nine.


Seven years of famine, seven ages said of man;

And seven deadly sins, they say; so count them if you can.

And seven days are in a week, seven stars are in the Plough;

And seven are the uses of the sweet domestic cow.

Now in the Revelation there are seven of Seal and Church;

All sorts of sevens you can find if you will only search.


Weekly Times     22.2.63