The Stars


(From “The Shepherdess and the Sweep”)

I love to see the stars at night

Above the swaying trees,

Their tiny lamps with glimmering light

Are heaven’s own mysteries.

The world is hushed, its workers sleep,

Their hands in slumber they fold,

While o’er their heads the angels keep

A vigil tireless and old.


In wint’ry skies and frosty air

They twinkle diamond bright;

Than costly gems they are more rare,

To more they bring delight.

On summer nights when mantling haze

Obscures their glittering beams,

From amber lanterns their softened rays

Illume the slumbering streams.


And silently silently scatt’ring their light

The lamps of the angels I see.

I love to see the stars at night

Above each dreaming tree.


Weekly Times     15.3.63