What do you see in the glen of Ballure,

You who walk through it so casually

Your mind full of other things?

You see some running water?  Right !

If you do not you might

Fall into it and get wet.

You see some trees? You have good sight;

He who never sees

The obtruding trunks of trees

Often bumps into them.

And yet,

What do you see in the glen of Ballure?

Can you see what gives it such artistry?

And can you hear the melody it sings?

Are you the same when you come out on the seashore

As when you go in at the top?

Has the spirit of the place ever taken you by the throat?

Has its ineffable sweetness wrapped you like a coat?

Has a voice in the garden ever bade you stop?

No?  Then you have never known Ballure !


Mona’s Herald     26.6.62