Elfin Glen


She who took such delight

In all God’s creatures, all His flowers,

Was with us then,

Her eyes filled with elusive light

That dawned not on the world of men.

She had a vision that was never ours

We little knew, as down the glen

We wandered, this for her

Would be farewell

To gorse and heather, plants and trees.

Already in her ears

That caught no note of human voice,

That heard no earthly melodies,

There rang the passing bell

That summoned her

To realms more fair than these.

And now when I rejoice

In linnet’s song and woodland dell

My joy is made complete,

For now I know her feet

On softer ground more safely tread;

And though she is to flesh and matter dead,

Yet with her all is well.


Mona’s Herald 20.2.62