Morning in Spring


Away in the green glen a streamlet’s song,

As it chatters and bubbles the stones among,

Proclaims “I live!” as it runs along.


Away in the branches of that tall tree

A bird trills out in abandon free,

“I live !  I live !” is his melody.


A flower blooms red by the narrow way,

And sends a mute message upon its bouquet ;

“See how I live !” it seems to say.


The clouds are scudding across the blue sky

Through the laced branches waving on high;

They shout “I live !” as they scurry by.


And as I mark, in all my pain,

The burden of this one refrain,

“ I live !  I live  !” rings through my brain.


I wandered here my gloom to give

Full play; instead, imperative,

This only matters, – that I live !


Mona’s Herald     27.3.62