A Cooish


He came in for a cooish,

The oul’ man with a cap,

An’ he sat on the settle,

The cat on his lap;

But me aunt did the tagglin’

Her tongue went full clap

An’ all that he did

Was to give a big slap

On the arm of the cheer,

An’ a throaty “Huh! Huh!”


He had come from the fiel’s

An’ was thirsty thallure,

So he sups up his tay

An’ he spits on the flure.

Aw, he listened thremenjus

To the newses in stoore;

Bu’ he navar said nawthin’

Jus’ waited for moore;

An’ only gave vent

To a grunted “Huh! Huh!”


He sat an’ he rumbled

An’ drank up his tay.

Tho’ he sat for an hour

He foun’ nawthin to say.

He lifted his eyebrows

All bushy an’ gray,

But navar a word,

(For that was his way)

Save at each fresh scandal

He uttered, “Huh! Huh!”


Well, he finished his tay

An’ me aunt stopped for once,

So he got to his feet

An’ he shot me a glance.

Then he sucks at his whisker

An’ h’ises his pants,

An’ he steps to the chiollagh

An’ spits in the bon’s;

Then out through the dhoor

With a final “Huh! Huh!”


An’ I’ll avr remember

Oul’ Jacob Kerruish,

An’ how he looked in

For a bit of a cooish.

I sees him goin’ off,

Givin the gate a las’ push,

An’ I hears him still chucklin’

Lek a bird in a bush,

“Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh ! Huh! Huh!”