Lowly Company


Sometimes a yellow slug

Creeps up the pipe

To where the hole is for the plug.

It looks like a wet ripe

And juicy peach.


I once saw a round bug

Creep on a neck ;

And when the man gave it a shrug

It slithered off the sweaty deck,

A bloated leech.


Parson’s pigs sit on the rug

And on the floor.

And if I give the mat a tug

I see a whole lot more,

Each like to each.


Cockroaches in the jug,

Ants in the hall ;

Spiders their dazed victims lug

To webs high on the wall,

Their young to teach.


Wasps round the strawberry mug

And horseflies bite ;

Where’er I hide, be it so snug,

I never am entirely, quite,

Out of reach.


Mona’s Herald     5.11.63