Goodbye to the Ward


Little pale face crowned by auburn hair,

Gazing and gazing with sorrowful air;

Lying so wistful, pathetic, there —

Goodbye,goodbye !

And you little girl in the azure gown,

With two eyes looking up, and two lips drooping down,

With brow so white and tresses so brown,

Goodbye, goodbye !


Round rosy cheeks and tousled mop,

Lips that no-one from laughing can stop,

Here for you is a chocolate drop —

Goodbye, goodbye !

To you, big boy, with the ‘spectacled nose,

And you, big girl, with the pretty clothes,

And you, and you — and the cots in rows —

Goodbye, goodbye !


The big doll’s house with windows ten,

The rocking horse, the wooden men,

The blocks and toys, the railed-in pen —

Goodbye, goodbye !

Goodbye to nurse and sister,too;

Goodbye to bed and gown of blue;

Goodbye to all, goodbye to you —

Goodbye, goodbye !