Thoughts of a Little Girl in War-time


I am now a little school-girl and I go to school each day,

And I post a note to Daddy who has had to go away

To learn to be an airman, and to go to school like me,

Though I don’t suppose he’s learning things as hard as A.B.C.


My Mummy takes me to the school to see that I get there,

But she need not really worry, for I take the utmost care

To see that there’s no traffic up and down the wide main road

Before I leave the pavement, as a wise wee girlie should.


My teacher says my back is straight; I’m sure I’m growing fast.

I’ll be as big as Daddy ‘most, when I see him at last.

I wonder if he’ll know me or think I am someone else,

A visiter from Timbuctoo or Tartary or Wells.


One day my Daddy will come home and he’ll be home to stay,

And we’ll be oh so happy, and we’ll sing and dance and play;

Then Blackie might stop home with us and be our own fat pet,

And Mummy will be glad again, and never be upset.


So speed the days and speed the weeks, and let the moments fly

Until the war is over, and the countries peaceful lie;

Until we hear each Sabbath morn the bells ring merrily

As the three of us go off to church, just Mum and Bub and me !