To Heather on her Seventh Birthday


Again a year has ticked along

In seconds, hours and days

That you have spent your friends among,

And you are now quite tall and strong,

And grown in many ways.


I hope the months were happy, dear,

And full of mem’ries sweet;

I hope the future holds no tear,

But joy throughout the coming year

Your eager heart will meet.


It seems a long, long year to me,

But it has gone at last.

At home for good I pray I’ll be

With my own little family

Ere yet another’s past.


The world is sad and sick of strife,

Let battles quickly cease !

Let war no more gloom o’er your life,

Nor let you feel sharp parting’s knife,

But let your ways be peace.


My dear, I pray a prayer for you

That you will grow in grace.

That you to God and friends be true,

That all your thoughts and deeds will show

As lovely as your face !


Lesquins, France