The Preacher’s Donkey


The preacher was a sober man,

Of that there was no doubt ;

But he was known upon the Plan

To wave his arms and shout ;

Yet what he had to say was often right

If sometimes angry feelings did excite.


One Sunday when he fetched his horse

He found him very lame,

So thought it much the wiser course

Another mount to claim.

At such short notice he could only find

An old grey donkey that was almost blind.


Since it was dark he took the chance

And safely did arrive ;

Then to the pulpit did advance

His message there to give.

The donkey safely tied outside the door

Began to listen to the preacher’s roar.


But as he stood, it came to pass

He heard what shamed his ears ;

The preacher spoke of Baalim’s ass

And made some nasty sneers.

The donkey thus outraged then had his say

And ‘mid the din the preacher said, “Let’s bray !”


But that soothed not the donkey’s breast ;

In fact it made him worse.

He to the door his hoofs addressed

And charged it with a curse.

Before the congregation’s awe-struck eyes

The door fell in and clouds of dust did rise.


And down the aisle the donkey leapt

As in some steeplechase,

And round the back the preacher crept

To seek a safer place –

We draw a veil ! But it was common talk

The preacher rode not home – nor did he walk !


Mona’s Herald     21.1.64