The Three Legs


‘Twas many hundred years ago

When on the Isle the mist hung low,

And Little People ruled the land,

A boat was wrecked on Mona’s strand.


The fishermen were washed ashore,

And cold and weary, stiff and sore,

They, resting on the barren rocks,

Kindled a spark from tinder-box.


And as sprang up their feeble light

They witnessed an impressive sight;

The cloak of mist rolled up the hill,

And all the air grew calm and still.


And there before their awe-struck eyes

They saw a flaming spindle rise;

A rounding wheel that scaled the height

Formed of three legs in crazy flight.


And so they climbed till it was day

Then for deliverance knelt to pray,

They knew a sign had been revealed,

So took this vision for their shield.


And ever since, so legend begs,

The Arms of Mann have been Three Legs;

Whatever storms may shake the land

The Manxman on Three Legs will stand.


Mona’s Herald     25.2.64