Folk Dance Festival


Skipping lightly on the green,

Weaving patterns out and in,

Children taking hands are seen

Under summer skies.

In the sunshine colours gay

Clothe the scene in bright array,

Making this a holiday

For the country-wise.


Ancient airs are heard again,

Haunting in their sweet refrain,

And for ever will remain,

Echoing in the heart.

None so dull of soul and mind

But will rare enchantment find,

Casting anxious cares behind,

From the world apart.


Children light of heel and toe,

Children in a rainbow glow,

Children that in time will grow

Into adulthood.

May their hearts forever dance

Though the sober years advance,

May their innocence enhance

All that’s true and good.


When the shades of evening fall

And the dark night spreads its pall,

May departure find us all

Ready to begin

Some new measure, when our feet

Will answer to the angels’ beat,

And we dance our Lord to greet,

Pearly gates within !


Weekly Times  7.7.61