The Life Unseen


Voices in the night air when dusk has descended,

Coming with sweet clarity across the still water,

Bring to my mind in the ashlight of day that has ended

Voices of those who have left me for ever.

The speakers invisible, darkness can sever

The voice from the body, the spirit from matter.


Footfalls on the roadway when thick are the shadows,

Ringing with clear rhythm along the high ridges,

Bring to my ears in the mist of the streams o’er the meadows

Walking of those  who no more are among us.

The walkers invisible, darkness can throng us

With friends from the grave crossing over rare bridges.


Heartbeats in the silence when day’s tasks are over

Pulsing insistently in a prison of tissue,

Bring to my senses in the night-palls that cover

Heartbeats of those who have left me obscurely;

The hearts that once loved me now love me more surely,

And death is a ghost, an irrevelant issue!



Weekly Times 27.10.61