A Song for the Nation


All hail the Island Kingdom !

All hail its mighty clan !

Where flies the flag of freedom

Above the halls of Mann.

The homestead of the fearless,

The cradle of the strong;

God keep them brave and peerless

Who to our Isle belong !


Set in the restless ocean

A jewel small and rare;

Caressed with gentle motion

By breezes of God’s air.

Her fields and hills are smiling,

Her glens are fairy dells;

And her ways are all beguiling

The heart with subtle spells.


God keep her children loyal,

God keep them pure and free;

And to her Sov’reign Royal

Sworn sons in fealty.

And when the day is over,

And westward sinks the sun,

May One, the world’s Great Lover,

Say, ‘Child of Mann, well done !’


Weekly Times  5.5.61