Aerystain after the Rain


The Escalonia smells sweet

After a shower of rain,

Its waxy flowers like babies’ feet

Shine in the sun again.


A thousand perfumes fill the air,

And senses swim and reel;

Washed of its dust the garden fair

Fresh beauty doth reveal.


Insects are busy at the feet,

And bees are droning by;

Steam rises in the summer heat

As clouds melt from the sky.


Tall trees are poised as if to go

Yet move nor branch nor leaf.

They frame a picture where doth show

The corn in golden sheaf.


Beyond the fields a dark blue stain

Shows where the steamers are,

And in the port a window pane

Sparkles, a fallen star.


A mountain brook runs chattering past

With music high and clear,

Eager to sing its song at last

Into the ocean’s ear.


A bird takes up the hurried tale

Down in the orchard bright;

And every beast and plant regale

Themselves in sheer delight.