Chances Missed


Oh, where were you going in such great haste?

Seeing nothing around you, your eyes straight ahead?

Was it something important, and were you in dread

Lest you should be late and somehow disgraced?

I hope it was worth it – the moment has fled.


Oh, what were you thinking when somebody spoke

So kindly to you, that you made no reply?

Was it something important?  Were you wondering why

Trouble had met you such care to invoke?

I hope it was worth it – the moment’s gone by.


Oh, what were you doing with such frenzied zeal,

Heeding nothing around you, intent on your task?

Was it something important that fitted the mask

And hid what to others the world might reveal?

I hope it was worth it – there is no repeal.


Must you always be hurrying, deaf, or intent

On your own small affairs, when right at your side

Are chances you miss, and fond hopes denied?

Take care !  It’s important that when your life’s spent

You’ve not lost the talents that only were lent.


Weekly Times  30.6.61