King Edward BridgeWhither, O drifting nations, tempest-tost?

Whither thy barques so frail, so uncontrolled?

Is it to reef and shipwreck?  Will mankind

In nameless horror, unredeemed, be lost?

Whither, O hapless mortals, having sold

Thy birthright for a song, thine eyes so blind,

Thine ears so deaf to cries of blood and cost,

Thy lips so blasphemous, thy heart so cold,

Whither thy path?  We dare not glance behind

To see the steps we’ve dropped, the rivers crossed !

Is there no hope?  Is it too late to try

What One, a Nazarene, did speak and act?

Can we not yet out of this coil retract

Leaving to Higher Will the reasons why?


Weekly Times     11.11.60