Deep in the Memories of Long Ago


Deep in the mem’ries of long ago
Lies something precious and rare,
Gratefully lighting with gentle glow
Days that are barren and bare;
Patience, forbearance, and sweet content,
These are the blessings that Heaven sent
To someone I knew in the long ago,
Some whom I used to know.

Twisted and crippled, she passed her life
Singing in quavering voice;
Where she abode was no hate or strife,
All things that heard did rejoice;
Now she has climbed to the stars so clear
Deep in my heart is the mem’ry dear,
Of someone I knew in the long ago,
Someone whom I used to know.

December, 1926

(In memory of Miss Cissie Costain, Ballagreinney, Erystain) (Set to music)