How I Carried A.G. from Douglas to Castletown


I sprang to the saddle with Arthur behind,
And two of us rode with one thought in our mind
To travel to Castletown, up hill, down dale,
And see how the carnival would us regale.

‘Twas a belt-driven Douglas that we did bestride;
And I had just lately learned how to ride.
But I did not tell A.G. that but two days before
Was my first introduction to motor-byke lore.

The weather was dry, it was sunny and bright,
And we very soon reached Castletown; to alight
And proceed to make merry with confetti and song
And we each picked a maiden to cheer us along.

The rain set in early, too early for me,
But A.G. was anxious to go, plain to see;
So we said our farewells to the maidens with tears
And fled into the night with a crashing of gears.

The rain hurtled down, the belt it did slip;
We walked up each hill – but the details I’ll skip.
But I swore when at Douglas we wet through did arrive
No more belt-driv’n cycles will I ever drive.

13. 8. 26