In the Beginning


In the beginning there was God.
And God was there, and God was God.
And God created heaven and earth
And God did give to them their birth.
The earth was without form and void
And darkness was upon the tide
And over all the ocean’s face.
Then moved the Spirit of God’s grace
That did command “Let there be light!”
And light there was that brought delight
To God, who called the darkness Night,
To God who called it Day, the light:
And so the evening and the morning were
The first day ever to appear.

And “Let there be a Firmament”
Said God, “amid the waters bent,
Dividing one from other”. So
He made it, and the seas below
Were separated from the seas
Above; this also did God please,
Who called the Firmament so given
By the high-sounding name of Heaven.
And so the evening and the morning were
The second day of God’s labour.

And God said, “Let the waters race
“That lie ‘neath Heave’n into one place,
“So that the dry land will appear”.
And it was so. And God said, “Hear
“The name I give thee, it is Earth;
And ‘twas from seas thou camest forth”.
And God did see that it was good.
Then called He up seed, grass and wood,
And trees that bore their special fruit,
With seed of its own kind to root.
And so the evening and the morning were
The third day of the calendar.

Then said God, “Let there be more lights
“Dividing all the days and nights;
And let them be for signs to seers
Of seasons, and of days and years;
And let them be as stars in Heaven
That light unto the Earth be given”.
And it was so. A greater one
He made to rule the day, the Sun;
A lesser one, yet pure and white,
The Moon, to queen it o’er the night.
And so these lights in Heaven stood
To rule; and God saw they were good.
And so the evening and the morning were
The fourth day of God’s provender.

God then said, “Let the waters bring
“Forth in abundance everything
Moving with life; and fowls that fly
Over the earth in heaven so high.”
And God created whales so great,
All living things did have a mate;
The waters forth abundantly
Brought each in each his family.
And every winged fowl of its kind,
And it was pleasing to His mind.
And God did bless them while He said
“Be fruitful, multiply, be bred,
And fill the waters of the seas,
And multiply and never cease”.
And thus the evening and the morning were
The fifth day of the first New Year.

Still counselled God, “Now let the earth
“To creatures each in kind give birth;
Cattle and every creeping thing,
And beasts in kind to living bring”.
And thus he made each animal,
Saw they were good, both great and small,
And finally spake in this wise,
“Now let us make in our own guise
After our likeness the first man,
To have dominion o’er the plan;
To rule the fish that fill the sea,
To rule the fowls in air so free,
To rule the cattle in the fiels,
O’er all his governance to wield”.
So in His image God did make
Female and male for His own sake
To rule the earth and rule the seas,
And all the living families.
And He did bless this and did say,
“Be fruitful, multiply away,
The earth replenish and subdue,
Dominion have both strong and true,
Dominion have, dominion keep
O’er all that swim and fly and creep”.
And when He’d finished all He could
He saw them all and found them good.
And so the evening and the morning were
The sixth day of this mighty stir.

When when the heaven and earth were spun
He rested, for His work was done,
Upon the seventh day, and blessed
That day on which He took His rest.
And hallowed it for all mankind
To seal the product of His mind.

January, 1926