Lines for Albums


UPON this clean white page I write
A verse for you to treasure.
Let those who wish to bark and bite
Beware of much displeasure.
For if in haste you start a fight
You will repent in leisure.

Georgie Porgy, pudding and pie,
For to kiss all girls did try.
If he’d smiled and wooed and tarried
Any one he could have married.

Never let the sun go down
On your face in scowl of frown,
For the moon it will rise
Sets your features in this wise.
Then through life you’ll ever be
Frowning for the world to see.

Here lieth a lady called Mabel
Who to tell the truth was not able.
So her friends, when she said,
“I’m alive!” thought her dead,
And interred her in ashes and sable