Nocturnal Incident


I looked from out my sill one night
And witnessed a surprising sight,
For there was perched a figure in white
Half up the telegraph pole.
And as I gazed in mild surprise
At this strange creature of the skies,
I heard the sound of muted cries
Uttering some rigamarole.

The stars were bright, there was no moon
Except this glimmering cocoon
That slowly rose till very soon
It reached the topmost perch.
And there above the world it sat,
While far below a policeman’s hat
Sent onlookers into their flat
To leave him in his lurch.

Police below and man aloft.
The constable discreetly coughed.
Both of them must have felt quite soft.
It was a situation.
At length the climber slowly sank
Towards the earth and normal rank,
A bit repentant of his prank
And mad infatuation.

It seems he did it for a bet,
For those who’d urged him higher yet
Had wagered they would never get
Him climbing in his undies.
He took them on; in pants and vest
He tackled his Mount Everest,
And may have shocked the outraged breast
Of many Mrs. Grundeys.

June, 1926